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About The Event

Committee's Message

The Organizing Committee of the Franco-Libyan Oil, Gas and Energy Forum has the honor to invite you to the event which will be held from June 20 to 22, 2023 in Paris under the sponsorship of the National Oil Company (NOC), the Movement of French Companies (MEDEF) and the French Association of Companies and Professionals in the Service of Energy (EVOLEN), as well as many international players in the energy field. The forum is organized by the Franco-Libyan Chamber of Commerce (CCFL).

This is a unique opportunity to directly meet many international companies in the sector and create new business opportunities. Major topics related to various activities of the oil, gas and energy sector in Libya will be discussed during these days.

We put all our services at your disposal so that your participation takes place under the best possible conditions. You will find in this website all the informations as well as a registration form that will allow us to organize all the meetings you wish.

Committee's Message

Organizer Committee

Our Partners

Forum Topics

  • Source Exploration Development & Production
  • Maintenance, Development & Quality Improvement
  • Refining & Petrohemical Transformation
  • Drilling & Exploration
  • Investment Projects & Deposit Development
  • Renewable, Alternate & Durable Energy
  • Energy, Water & Power Sources
  • Spare Parts
  • Technical and Maintenance Services
  • Safety and Security, Premices Protection
  • Information Technology in the Energy Sector
  • Training and Risk Management
  • Marketing and Distribution
  • Production Metrics and Quality Control
  • Oil infrastructures: Construction and Maintenance
  • Production Site Supply
  • Technical and Maintenance Services
  • Logistics Support Services
  • Information technology and digital transformation
  • Human resources development and technical training
  • Technologies and equipment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in oil installations
  • Protection of the environment and modern technologies to eliminate pollution.
  • Exploration, production et développement des réserves
  • Maintenance, développement et amélioration de la qualité
  • Raffinage et pétrochimie
  • Forage et exploration
  • Projets d’investissement et développement des gisements
  • Énergies alternatives, renouvelables et durables
  • Sources d’énergie, d’électricité et d’eau
  • Les pièces de rechange
  • Services techniques et maintenance
  • Sécurité, sûreté et matériel de protection des installations
  • Technologies de l’information et de la communication dans le secteur de l’énergie
  • Formation et gestion des risques
  • Marketing et distribution
  • Mesure de la production et contrôle qualité
  • Bâtiment, construction et maintenance des infrastructures pétrolières
  • Approvisionnement des sites de production
  • Sociétés et bureaux de conseil
  • Services de soutien logistique
  • Technologies de l’information et transformation digitale
  • Développement des ressources humaines et formation technique
  • Technologies et équipements pour réduire les émissions de gaz à effet de serre dans les installations pétrolières
  • Préservation de l’environnement et technologies modernes pour lutter
    contre la pollution
  • الستكشاف والنتاج وتطوير الحتياطي
  • الصيانة والتطوير وتحسين الجودة
  • التكرير والبتروكيماويات
  • الحفر والتنقيب
  • المشاريع الستثمارية وتطوير الحقول
  • للطاقة البديلة والمتجددة والمستدامة
  • مصادر الطاقة والكهرباء والمياه
  • قطع الغيار
  • الخدمات الفنية والصيانة
  • المن والسلمة والمعدات الوقائية لحماية المنشأت
  • التصالت وتقنية المعلومات في صناعة الطاقة
  • التدريب وإدارة المخاطر
  • التسويق والتوزيع
  • القياس والمعايرة ورقابة الجودة
  • البناء والتشييد وصيانة المنشأت النفطية
  • التموين وخدمات العاشة للحقول النفطية
  • الشركات والمكاتب الستشارية
  • الخدمات اللوجستية المساندة
  • تقنية المعلومات والتحول الرقمي
  • تنمية الموارد البشرية والتدريب التقني
  • تقنيات ومعدات الحد من انبعاثات غازات الحتباسالحراري في المنشآت النفطية.
  • المحافظة على البيئة والتقنيات الحديثة للقضاء على التلوث .

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Application Deadlines

The deadline for visa applications is: 20/05/2023
The deadline for participation is: 30/05/2023

Participation Fees

Local Participants: 1750 LYD
International Participants 350 €